About Us

Who We are ?

A touch of divine taste…

We are very excited to introduce ourselves to you as the east Delhi’s best bakery which has a wide range of products.

What? Haven’t you tried our product??

Well , we would like to tell you that you have missed mouth watering range of our cakes where we have been putting our best recipes to make delicious and best variety of Eggless cakes in North India and not just cakes , we have pastries, savoury, cookies , C ,fresh breads , party props and more
We promise you a delightful and lucious joy with our wide range of varieties. Our cakes will leave a long lasting flavour on your tongue and a satisfactory warmth on heart. So be it Valentine’s day or your family member’s or friend’s birthday we are here to make your or your special one’s day more delectable and flavourful with our cakes.

Worried about safety???

Then rest assure..
We handle each cake with delicacy and use finest quality of ingredients.We pay special attention to hygiene and ensure proper sanitation, as our customers health is essential for us as well. Our staff follows all Covid-19’s precaution norms so that even in this pandemic our customers can enjoy the sweet delicacies without any worries and to the fullest of their heart.

What We Do ?

We love Cake

Hello, and welcome to the Murliwala Bakers! We have created over 300000cakes these past 10 years. Below, you can browse our gallery, containing hundreds of custom cakes we have put together. If something peaks your interest, we would be happy to make it again just for you. Every cake that leaves our bakery is treated with love, care and attention as every cake we make is handmade. Because we give each individual cake our love and attention the demand for our products has exploded causing us to be one of the fastest growing companies.

Making the mixture

At Murliwala Bakers, we source the highest quality ingredients to make our cakes the tastiest and freshest they can possibly be.  Our cakes go through extensive tests and taste tests to make sure they meet guidelines and most important of all, making sure they taste delicious.  We mix all of high quality ingredients together to make our cake mixture.

Baking the Cake in the Oven

Once the cake mixture has been dispensed it is baked in our large ovens. At Murliwala Bakers we have invested in modern high quality equipment in order to accommodate for our high quality products. The cakes are left to cook in the oven.

Let the Cakes Cool

Once baked the cakes are left to cool down. This allows the steam to add moisture to the cake and also enhances dense and sticky cakes. If it is a light or regular textured cake, we let it cool on a rack in order to keep its light texture.

Hand Decorate Each Cake

Once quality checked, all of our cakes are individually decorated and filled by hand using the highest quality ingredients including melted delicious &  yummy chocolate buttons and jam. This process separates us from our competitors because every cake is given meticulous attention.

Our bakery has a long history of creating beautiful cakes. We use the best ingredients available and take great care in designing cakes that are visually stunning and taste delicious.